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“A Summer's Awakening” — Episode 2

by Barbara H. Callihan

Now home from Texas I looked around and took stock of the results of my procrastination of the last year! Good Gawd!!!!!! Where to start? Answer to self: “Just take the first step and keep moving.”

Two weeks later, on Monday, July 25th. I, Ears and Chunky were leaving HHB at 4:00 am, focused to beat the morning summer heat while headed on our first leg of our Journey, Stockton, Calif. My mind racing with so many wonderful expectations, questions, while feeling super excitement .... then ..... my doubter shows up. ☹ YIKES! She is whispering at first then gets louder and louder with negative statements and frightening questions that caused me to doubt the decisions I had made for this Journey and then it escalated into degrading the Journey itself!

“YUP”, all this may be true, however, I am going to seek my Possibilities.” “My Inner Spirit allows U-Turns!” My negative doubting thoughts slowly quieted and began to let go. I felt my body and mind soften, relax and excitement return!

Early evening of the 25th Chunky was happily bedded down in her stall at D’Alanzo Equestrian Ranch outside of Stockton. Ears happily greeted my #1son with her whole body wiggling. After she was fed and stretched out and comfy in her Bunk House bed, I shared precious time and conversation with my #1Son PTyrone over a delicious dinner at the Outback.

Morning of the 26th Tuesday, I awoke refreshed with energizing thoughts of the day ahead of me. This excitement fueling me on the road by 6:00am

Yaaaaaah! After a long safe and smooth 11 hrs I have reached my 2nd destination, Jewel Or. As Ears and I had began the last 15 minutes of the narrow winding road, she sat up, looked intently back and forth, stuck her twitching nose out the window, following with gentle whining while her tail became a fan!

I was greeted with warm hugs and happy chatter from friends’ Hans and Rita (40 year friendship). Awwww! My home away from home. My eyes feast on the Rainforest of green Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Coas, tal Redwood, Alder, Vine Maple Ferns, fields of grass supported by the rich black dirt -sound of the Nehalem river with the evening and morning mystical mist creeping above ground. Magical!! I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.............becoming fully present.

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