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IMTCA Mountain Trail Obstacles Arrive

On September 21 at about 10:15 pm I turned the corner to my street and saw a beautiful sight! A fully lit 42 foot 16-wheeler loaded with thirty thousand pounds of obstacles and materials destined to create HHB Equestrian Trail Park of Southern Nevada.

At 5:30 the following very crisp morning Cody, from Murphy's Construction, meticulously unloaded the magnificent, long-awaited wooden obstacles.

I am deeply grateful to call Larry Eades, of Oregon City, my friend. Larry is a friend and associate of Mark H. Bolender and an avid competitor in IMTCA’s Extreme Mountain Trail. Larry has been one of my primary supporters, instrumental in helping to make my dream a reality from the beginning. He has encouraged me and participated every step of the way from talking about the various possibilities, to securing the materials, to building the obstacles at Bolender Horse Park, to organizing transportation to Pahrump, to loading them on the transporter to be shipped to Pahrump. And in less than a week he will arrive in Pahrump to help install these amazing obstacles.

It took hours of his and Mark’s time turning a stack of wood, screws, nuts, bolts, and other materials into sturdy and challenging obstacles, like the swinging bridge, balance beam, rolling bridge, cake box, Texas Two-Step, water pond and more...

I am so very excited and thrilled. My dream is becoming very real!!!

Join us for the Grand Opening Reception and Walk Through of HHB Equestrian Trail Park of Southern Nevada on Saturday, October 21st at 4:00pm and discover the unbridled joy of Extreme Mountain Trail.

RSVP for free now on EventBrite.

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